Hunter Kowald

Developer & Owner, Manned Aviation Inc.

Hunter Kowald is an American engineer, entrepreneur and creator of the world’s smallest aircraft, “The SkySurfer Aircraft”. In 2021, a video of Kowald flying his aircraft through Time Square went viral amassing over 900M social media impressions and gained international attention with Kowald being featured by CNN, Fox, Jimmy Kimmel Live, New York Post, Inside Edition and more. Since then, Kowald and the SkySurfer Aircraft have captured the cultural zeitgeist, working with mainstream celebrities such as Tom Holland, JBalvin and Brent Rivera as well as top companies like Marvel, Sony Entertainment and Warner Music Group. 

Kowald is the founder of Manned Aviation, an aerospace company that is commercializing an all- electric vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) aircraft. The SkySurfer Aircraft is a personal fight vehicle capable of achieving manned airlift in a system so small, it can be folded down and carried onto a passenger plane. The mission of the SkySurfer Aircraft is to revolutionize the future of transportation & life by delivering safe, easy and affordable air travel to everyone. The SkySurfer Aircraft is anticipated to alleviate air mobility challenges in public safety, fire & rescue while offering high reliability, fast flight speeds and zero emissions.

Kowald has earned multiple degrees and advanced certifications from Harvard Business School, UCLA, and UNCC. Now with the success of the SkySurfer Aircraft, Kowald has turned his attention toward creating a flyable consumer product that will undoubtedly change the future of personal transportation.

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