The Team

“Flight is not possible without knowledge and skill.” -Wright Brothers

Hunter Kowald

Founder & CEO, Manned Aviation Inc.

Kowald is the founder of Manned Aviation, an aerospace company that is commercializing an all electric vertical take off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. Known as the SkySurfer Aircraft, this product is the worlds smallest & first personal fight vehicle capable of manned airlift in a system so small that it can be folded down and carried onto a passenger plane.

Over 18 months, the SkySurfer Aircraft received 1.37 billion global views and became one of the highest trending topics across mainstream and social media. This allowed us to generate funding up to our Series A round, proudly keeping 100% ownership of our business. We strategically validated the market and our key enabling technologies while recording valuable analytics. We now hold market leading advantage and receive daily inquiries for purchase with no customer acquisition costs.

The mission of the SkySurfer Aircraft is to revolutionize the future of transportation & life by delivering safe, easy and affordable air travel to everyone. The SkySurfer Aircraft is anticipated to alleviate air mobility challenges in public safety, fire & rescue while offering high reliability, fast flight speeds and zero emissions.

Kowald has studied engineering, mathematics and business from each of Harvard Business, UCLA and UNCC.






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